Investment Platforms

With more than P23 billion assets under management, we are Botswana’s leading asset management firm. We understand our clients and our offerings are designed to fit their investment objectives and preferences.
Bifm’s offerings are pooled vehicles and segregated accounts. We manage various asset classes in pooled vehicles (Funds) and segregated platforms. The existing funds are stated in the following table:

Asset Class Description
Local Equities Invests exclusively in local equities
Local Bonds Invests exclusively in local bonds
Local Properties Invests exclusively in local property
Local Cash Invests in short term money market securities of corporate sector predominantly in the banking sector
Offshore Equities Invests exclusively in offshore equities
Offshore Bonds Invests exclusively in offshore bonds

The following off-shelf products have been created to cater for institutional funds such as pension/ provident funds and medical aid funds amongst others:

  • Bifm Market Linked Fund;
  • Bifm Global Balanced Conservative Fund;
  • Bifm Local Balanced Conservatives Fund.