Bifm Traditional Music Expo


It has become norm for us to celebrate the richness of our culture through song, dance and poetry. In 2019 we hosted the 16th edition of the Bifm Traditional Music Expo, affectionately known as the Bifm TME.  It is worth noting that our culture is the lifeblood of our society and we see it being expressed in various ways to tell our stories, celebrate our history, remember the past, entertain ourselves and imagine the future. These creative expressions not only  define who we are but also help us see our world through the eyes of others.

It is through this event that we as Bifm get to support our local artists by giving them the exposure they need to make their art known to the world. This support of local performing artists is paired with an appreciation of our local cuisine delicacies.

This year’s iteration featured the new and upcoming group Khoi San, who serenaded the audience with their melodic music, including their popular hit ‘Sananapo’, which had the crowd reeling with excitement.

Other artists on the line-up included Rangers Choir, Dikakapa, Ramozara, Dr Vom, Mafitlhakgosi Traditional Dance Group. Mafitlhakgosi is known for sharing their knowledge on traditional instruments, drama and traditional dance

The evening ended with the showstopper Charma Gal, who charmed and wowed the audience with her stellar performance.

The Bifm Traditional Music Expo is an initiative that is very close to our hearts and we would like thank our supporters and stakeholder for the support and shared experience.