BIFM Global Sustainable Growth Fund

The BIFM Global Sustainable Growth Fund aims to provide capital growth by investing in global equities. The BIFM Global Sustainable Growth Fund incorporates significant ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) analysis into the Fund’s construction to identify companies that are capable of delivering long-term sustainable growth and value creation. This allows you, a global citizen, to grow your wealth, and through your investments, that positively impact the world.

The Global Sustainable Growth Fund is a:

  • Offshore Equity Fund
  • Open-ended Fund
  • 1 year lock-in period after which withdrawals are allowed, once a quarter
  • Minimum initial lump sum investment of P5, 000
  • Minimum additional investment of P1, 000
  • Minimum debit order of P1, 000
  • 2% annual management fee; and
  • It is most ideal for investors with an appetite for high risk and tolerance for periods of high volatility who wish to generate capital growth over the long-term.