Bifm CSR Initiatives- Helping from the Heart

In May 2021, Bifm donated food items valued at P4100.00 to Tsholofelong Children & Youth Trust in Old Naledi. This came as a plea from the organization. The ability to give back is a privilege and brings us great pleasure to participate in such initiatives. We continued with our CSR initiatives, with a donation of P5000.00, towards the Happy Hearts Home Project. The home will accomodate cancer patience based in Gaborone.

To close off our CSR initiatives in the month of May 2021, we donated bedding sets valued at P8200.00 to Pudulong Centre in Mochudi and also donated a Lenovo desktop valued at P10 000.00 to Serinane Primary School in the Kweneng District. At Bifm, we pride ourselves, with a culture of charitable giving, one that’s helping to bring about positive change in tough situations around the country. Giving is now such an integral part of who we are. We regularly find new opportunities to help charities, and our staff members sacrifice their time to help make that change happen