Bifm Chief Executive Officer participates at the 2023 Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) Inaugural Tshipidi Investment Forum


Bifm Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ms Clair Mathe Lisenda, CFA, CAIA participated in a discussion alongside fellow captains of the industry under the topic “SME development through the stock market” at the 2023 BSE Inaugural Tshipidi Investment Forum, held in Gaborone.

The event featured informative sessions on the following: Investment Strategies – Allocation of funds; Key Considerations for making an Investment Pitch; and Risk Profile – is there appetite from Asset Managers to invest in SMEs?

Speaking at the event, Clair emphasized the role Bifm plays in supporting SME development in Botswana. She highlighted that Bifm launched the Bifm Local Private Debt Fund in April 2023. This Fund seeks to make capital more accessible to SMEs, whilst providing an investment vehicle through which professional investors can gain exposure to the local private debt market.

Bifm’s participation at the Investment Forum is a testament to the firm’s continued commitment to supporting the growth of SMEs in the country.

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