Bifm Benchmark Symposium 2019


As part of our commitment to empowering our stakeholders, we had the pleasure of hosting the Bifm Benchmark Symposium 2019 with the aim of giving them access to invaluable information and experts that specialise in certain areas. Attending this event were various stakeholders from our different pension fund clients, administrators and asset consultants.

The theme for the symposium was ‘Enhancing Financial Resilience’, which captured our intent and obligation to contribute towards Botswana’s retirement fund industry by providing insights intended to empower all stakeholders to improve financial outcomes of retirement fund members.  

It goes without saying, that financial Resilience is the ability to withstand events that impact one's income and/or assets while being able to take advantage of opportunities for growth.

The retirement fund industry has evolved, from what it was 20 years ago, into a competitive landscape with a focus on members. This also means that preparing for retirement necessitates cautious planning and commitment to the process.

The symposium covered findings from a survey done by Sanlam on the concept of financial resilience through the lens of retirement funding. This was done with the hope that it will ignite conversations, create meaningful opportunities for further engagement and ultimately help effect a positive financial outcome.